Feed silo - POLYFARM

Our feed silos are unique in the market because they are food safe without any additional treatment or coating of plastics used. During the manufacturing of our silos no harmful substances are released. At the end of the useful life the silo can be recycled easily and sustainably because the used basic material (PE) is eco-friendly.

Especially for sensitive horse noses our silos are an excellent choice, because to store horse feed correctly is not that easy. Horses have a very sensitive sense of smell and notice immediately if the food is contaminated. If you use GRP-coated silos it might happen, that smallest fiberglass particles get separated from the silo caused by friction and mingle with the feed. Sensitive horses notice a change in the feet immediately.

Other significant advantages of our silos are the easy handling and safe storage:
Our silos can be easily filled, a cumbersome filling of sacks or bags can be eliminated. Feed bags can be quickly nibbled by mice or rats, in the worst case contaminate the horsefeed, which might cause significant damage to the health of your horse.

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