Our Aquatrainer can achieve targeted rehabilitative, undergoing therapy, restorative and relaxing effects. The Horse-Aquatrainer enable these features through a quality system with proven and user-oriented components. Flexible adaptability to a variety of installation and assembly on-site  are hallmarks of this product. The focus of the individual equipment is effective and economical operation of the entire system, which includes the water treatment and intelligent control units.

Equipment of our Aquatrainer:
  • integrated treadmill in fabric-reinforced models with infinitely regulation
  • Massage system with controllable, partially directional adjustable nozzles for water massage
  • Countercurrent system / breast massage in the direction with adjustable jet nozzle front area
  • Platform for optimal observation and care of horses
Significant benefits of aquatic therapy:
  • gentle rehabilitation of muscle, back and joint problems
  • Strengthening of the ligaments, tendons and joints
  • Shorter period of convalescence after surgery